The Toadstools

The Toadstools is a fun hike east of Kanab. These are balanced rock formations which look like mushrooms. They are different colored, some are red-orange and others are white. This is an easy hike, just 1.5 miles round trip and can be done by all ages, and will make you feel like you are on another planet.

From Kanab, drive 44 miles east on Highway 89, the trailhead is on the North side of the road. From the trailhead, follow the marked trail through a wash and towards the rim of a small canyon. The walls of the canyon are pretty, striped in red, orange, brown, white and gold. There is some soft sand on the trail, but not a lot. Most of the trail is firm ground and weathered rock.

The first toadstools you come to will be a large red-orange formation. There are also hoodoos in the area. What is the difference? Toadstools are geologic formations that have a hard cap rock that sits on top of a sandstone tower. Hoodoos are slightly different, they are towers without the hard cap rock.

Keep hiking and you will come upon more mushroom patches along the trail. The end part of the hike contains the white toadstools. The kids will enjoy climbing among the rocks, but please don’t deface or damage any of the rock formations. Especially the balanced rocks on top of the “mushroom stems”. Leave the landscape the way you found it, so others can enjoy it too!

This is a hike where you can easily spend as much or as little time as you want. It is part of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and does not see nearly as much traffic as Zion, Bryce or the Grand Canyon. So stay awhile and enjoy the landscape without the crowds.

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