Red Hollow Canyon slot canyon

This slot canyon is a short, family-friendly hike through beautiful red and white cliffs that have been eroded by centuries of wind, water and sand. The trailhead is in the small town of Orderville, Utah off of Highway 89.

Orderville is approximately 30 minutes from the Zion National Park east entrance.  Once you are in Orderville, take 100E (the same road the elementary school and cemetery are on). Follow to the T and make a left…the road will curve right. Follow just a few hundred feet and at the next curve is where you can park OR if you have an ATV or UTV that can handle deep sand, then you can continue on the sandy, unpaved road toward the water tower and park there.

Hike the trail down and turn left…continue straight up the big wash (to the left) toward the red cliffs. You will hike through the slot canyon, where some areas are quite narrow. Be prepared for some rock climbing, but nothing too strenuous. The trail will end at a wall of rocks, you can try climbing the rope here. While Red Hollow is a short hike, it is well worth your time. The colors and erosion patterns on the rocks are wonderful to see.

Don’t just see the slot canyon though, there are a few trails up here that you can explore the various geological features of the area. This trail can get moderately busy but is not heavily trafficked. Red Hollow is a great hike for small children, as they will enjoy playing along the wash and crawling up the rocks. As with all slot canyons, be aware of the weather, do not hike if there is a chance of rain as flash floods are possible. Also keep in mind that obstacles can be completely washed out, or new obstacles can appear.

With or without children, this is a hike that can be completed just a couple of hours. Since Red Hollow is located near Zion National Park, Cedar Breaks National Monument, Bryce Canyon National Park, and Coral Pink Sand Dunes, it is a great hike to do in conjunction with others in the area!

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