Fourth of July in Kanab

I love July 4th, it has always been my favorite holiday mostly because of the fireworks. Everything from sparklers to the big fireworks shows brings a smile to my face. And there is nothing quite like a small-town July 4th celebration. If you are visiting Kanab on July 4th, you will not be disappointed!

The day starts out at 6 a.m. with a cannon blast off that can be heard throughout the town. A color fun run starts shortly after, followed by a parade down Main Street. After the parade, you can spend the day hanging out at Jacob Hamblin Park, where there are vendors, entertainment and lots of festivities. In the evening, the town provides musical acts.

Around 9:30-10:00 as it gets dark, the real entertainment begins. I have seen firework shows in many places – backyards, stadiums, up on the roof of my house, sitting on a mountain overlooking the valley. But the first time I saw Kanab’s fireworks, I was amazed. I will try to describe it for you, but it is something that truly needs to be seen in person.

The fireworks are set off at Jacob Hamblin Park, which is set up against the red rock cliffs and is a beautiful backdrop. The amazing part is what you see and hear as the fireworks light up the cliffs and the booms echo off the rocks. It is a unique and amazing experience that you will not soon forget!

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