Red Canyon State Park

Red Canyon is an area of the Dixie National Forest, located along Highway 12 in Garfield County. Highway 12 has been designated a Scenic Byway and the views do not disappoint. A visitor center is situated among red sandstone cliffs, not far from Bryce Canyon National Park. The red and orange dirt of the cliffs contrasts with green pines and ever-present blue skies, making for some dramatic pictures.

You can grab a map from the visitor center and hike a few trails, plus there are many bike and ATV trails located in the area. To get here, follow Highway 89 until you reach the junction with Highway 12. Turn east and drive approximately 3.5 miles and Red Canyon visitor center will be on the north side of the road.

You can see some amazing hoodoos, similar to what is found in Bryce Canyon. But what is different from Bryce Canyon is the amount of tourists. If you are looking for some cool views and less people, you will definitely want to stop here. Also, bikes and ATVs are allowed on trails here, unlike Bryce Canyon. I would recommend spending some time at both Bryce Canyon and Red Canyon.

If you only have time for shorter trails, you can try Tunnel Trail, Birdseye Trail or Pink Ledges. If you are looking for a longer hike, try Casto Canyon Trial.

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